American Bodhi Center Lecture Hall – Introductory Welcoming Page

(Lecture Hall Front Drawing by the Architect)

We are happy to report that a 6,200 sq ft Lecture Hall was designed and the construction has started in January, 2013. The Lecture Hall is scheduled to be ready for culture and other religious camps use this coming summer. It will have a total capacity of 200 people, with a library, one medium class room, two small class rooms, eight individual study rooms, and corridors between classrooms for special exhibitions. In addition, a covered concrete pouch is extended from the main building. The combination of Lecture Hall and Dinner Hall with the main parking lot in the middle makes it an ideal location for special outdoor activities.

The total budget of $850,000 for construction costs, interior design and furniture is projected for the Lecture Hall. Your generous support and donation for the project will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Jade Buddha Temple at 281-498-1616 or American Bodhi Center at 979-921-6969 for further information.