Venerable Wing Sing

In 1946, Ven. Wing Sing went to Zhanshan Temple in Qingdao to study Buddhist sutras under the guidance of Ven. Dan Shu.

After immigrating to Hong Kong, Ven. Wing Sing helped establish the Tung Lin Buddhist Monastery and built the Hong Kong Bodhi Siksa Society and Western Paradise Temple. He is also one of the founders of the Benevolence Library. Ven. Wing Sing dedicates much of his effort and energy to cultivating and developing an able order of Dharma teachers.

With the goal of spreading Buddhism in the Southern United States, Ven. Wing Sing and Ven. Jan Hai established Buddha Light Temple. Later, Ven. Wing Sing, Ven. Jan Hai, and Ven. Hung I also established Jade Buddha Temple. Ven. Wing Sing has given his utmost support for the building of the American Bodhi Center.

Ven. Wing Sing is sincere and compassionate. He educates Buddhist disciples affectionately and practices the Dharma thoroughly.