Local group donates school supplies to 7 Alief schools

Students from Liestman, Hicks, Alexander, Martin, Mahanay and Chancellor Elementary and Killough Middle School benefited from this generous donation. Alief ISD Board President Ella Jefferson, campus principals and AISD representatives thanked the group for their generous donation. The Texas Buddhist Association has donated school supplies to Alief ISD students for about 20 years.

Texas Buddhist Association's volunteers stop for a photo with a Alief ISD student and her parent.

Alief ISD Board President Ella M. Jefferson expresses her appreciation for Texas Buddhist Association's generous donation.

Alief ISD's Director of Community & Public Relations Susan Castro thanks the Texas Buddhist Association in Mandarin during the ceremony.

Texas Buddhist Association representative Helen Weng gives the audience background information on the group's efforts in the community.

Texas Buddhist Association's Venerable Hung-i talks about compassion as an essential part of the organization and their efforts.

Martin Elementary's Principal Dr. Ting-Ling Sha expresses her gratitude towards the organization and their hard work using Mandarin.

Mahanay Elementary Principal Tim Clark thanks the organization and stresses the importance of Texas Buddhist Association's donation to Alief ISD students.

Texas Buddhist Association representatives show the crowd the bag which holds the school supplies. Chinese text on the bag emphasizes friendships. The group said they chose this phrase to show the long-standing partnership between the Texas Buddhist Association and Alief ISD.

Alief ISD Business Partners Liaison presents the Texas Buddhist Association with a certificate to thank them for their continual support.

The Texas Buddhist Association presents a check, representing the school supplies, to Alief ISD representatives