Texas Buddhist Association Overview

Texas Buddhist Association (TBA) is a non-profit religious organization. TBA adheres to the Buddha’s teachings and seeks to better the welfare of all by promoting the compassion and loving-kindness taught by the Dharma.

TBA’s major decision making body, the Board of Directors, is led by the Venerables. Its two major venues, Jade Buddha Temple and American Bodhi Center, are led by their respective Abbots.

Within TBA there are many functional positions and groups, such as Director, Secretariat, Treasury, Dharma Group, Communications, Public Relations, Personnel, Bodhi School, etc. They are directly overseen by TBA’s President and Vice President. These functional positions and groups are held by both Venerables and TBA members. They are instrumental in the smooth running of the day-to-day operations of TBA. They are also responsible for organizing special events throughout the year.