Bodhi School’s Family Buddhism Class

In effort to allow students to better understand the teachings of Buddhism and have an opportunity to practice proper Buddhist etiquette, Texas Bodhi School held their annual “Family Buddhism Class” on Sunday, Nov. 20th in the Grant Hall at Jade Buddha Temple. Lessons were held once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Reverend Hung-I shared his thoughts with the students, family, and teachers on the topic “How to Take Care of Yourself” through the perspective of Buddhist teachings. There were around 300 people in attendance and the atmosphere was quite intimate.

The morning lesson started with the students standing with their palms together and facing the middle as Reverend Hung-I entered the Grant Hall. Reverend Hung then led everyone in the three bows and concluded with one greeting bow facing each other. This was followed by a simple lecture on Buddhist etiquette, demonstrating the importance of respect for teachers and daily etiquette. Reverend started by stating “what we want is not always what we need”, so we should drink more water and less soda, eat more fruits and vegetables and less fries and chips. Reverend brought in teaching aids and materials, further engaging students and making a deeper impression. Next, Reverend taught the class “we do not always mean what we say” so we should learn to control our emotions and avoid saying things out of anger. Anger is like a flame that can burn the thing we value the most, so we must think before we speak, especially when we are angry. The content of the class was deep, meaningful, and thought provoking. Reverend Hung led the class in the last thank you to the Buddha, thus concluding the Family Buddhism class.

Texas Bodhi School was established nearly a quarter of a century ago in 1991. It is located in Jade Buddha Temple Youth Activity Center. Since it has been established, it has been serving the Houston area as a leading center for learning Chinese. Should you need any information pertaining to this school and Buddhism, please call the front office at 281-498-1616.