American Bodhi Center Samathavipa Syana Meditation

The 7 day Samathavipa Syana (Zhi Guan) Retreat held at American Bodhi Center (ABC) has been successfully concluded on April 30th. By convention, presenting the retreat this year are Ven. Kai Yin, the Abbot of Santavana Forest Hermitage in Malaysia, and his disciple Ven. Kai Zhao. Approximately 40 practitioners from various countries and professions, ranging from ages 20s to 80s participated with the support of about 10 volunteers.

First 3 days were embodied in practicing calm abiding. Through such, practitioners learned to organize shambolic thoughts and redirect our mind on the peaceful breathing. This is important for cultivating right view and right mindfulness for better IQ and EQ. Furthermore, this practice will enhance emotional management and life awareness.

The next 3 days emphasized the practice of observation and awareness to develop the four foundations and applications of mindfulness. One must observe with calmness to sense and cognizant the interaction and changes physically, emotionally and sentimentally; to let go the attachment to body, mind, sense and even dharma. Metta meditation was the practice on the last day. All merits gained in the retreat were forwarded to the sentiment beings.

The way Ven. Kai Yin taught Zhi Guan was very systematic. It is perfect and beneficial to both beginners and experts. Ven.Kai Zhao then elaborated on the seven purification stages during the meditation by utilizing vivid cases。All practitioners learned Buddhist’s teaching these seven days with joyfulness. For information, please call 281-498-1616。