Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston Women Program hold Spiritual Gathering at Jade Buddha Temple

Its founding principles are to promote harmony amongst religions and to contribute to peaceful co-existence and common prosperity of mankind. By participating in IM’s programs, special topic discussions, and visitation to other faith communities, individuals and groups have an opportunity to increase mutual understanding and promote cooperation with one another. The Texas Buddhist Association, TBA, joined the Ministries as a regular member in 1994.

On February 24, Thursday, at 6:30 p.m., the Women Group of the Ministries visited Jade Buddha Temple of TBA for a spiritual gathering in the Grand Hall of the Temple. There were about 100 people attending, 80 from the Women Program and 20 from TBA. The Abbot of the Temple, Venerable Hung I made a brief introduction of Buddhism. He emphasized that although we needed to have right view on the impermanence, imperfection, and suffering in this world, the most important part was to teach people to understand the emancipation of suffering through the path of extinction of suffering.

Afterwards, vegetarian dinner was served and the attendees were divided into smaller groups for discussions of the following topics:

1. What does being mindful in daily life mean to you?
2. Do you find similarities between Buddhism and your religious or spiritual practice?
3. If you pray or meditate, would you like to share your experience with others?

The visit of the Women Group ended at 9:30 p.m.