Scholarship from American Bodhi Center Benefits to the Students in Waller County

The three winners for the 2013 "American Bodhi Center Scholarship" are Jamie Duong, Nahid Ferdous, and Jacob Smith. Two of them will attend Texas A&M University, and one will study at The University of Texas at Austin. As a representative for the American Bodhi Center, Venerable Yuan Fu gave a speech as follows:

“On behalf of the American Bodhi Center, I congratulate the students and your supporting teachers and parents on the scholarships awarded to the students. American Bodhi Center cares for our community and will continue to work closely to support and encourage outstanding students to attend college and excel in their education. Upon graduation, we hope they will give back to the community and benefit everyone.”

Waller High School Principal Dr. Brian Merrell expressed his appreciation on American Bodhi Center’s generous and compassionate support to the community, and wanted to promote interracial and cultural relationships with the American Bodhi Center for a more harmonious and peaceful society.