English Dharma Group 20th Anniversary and Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

English Dharma Group was established by Ven. Hung I in 1992. In a mission to spread Buddhism in North American, it was a very important first step for Texas Buddhist Association to take. 20 years ago a white young American visited temple and asked Ven. Hung I whether there was an English Dharma class. Though there were no English Dharma teachers at the temple Ven. Hung I decided it was time to take up the challenge. He taught English Dharma classes while learning to speak English. For three years he personally taught the English Dharma class every Sunday and never took a break. His perseverance and determination paid off; English Dharma group has transformed and flourished from a few members to become a well established Dharma Group. Today we send out emails to more than 400 members every week. We have a comprehensive program which includes Sutra, Buddha’s life and core Buddhism. It’s fitting that we take this opportunity to thank the dedication and commitment of our Dharma teachers. Today we also established Children’s Dharma class to inspire children to be a good Buddhist from very young age, thanks to the devotion of our members Aster, Annie and Larry.

It was a very successful and joyous event. We were so happy that many old and new members had come and participated in this auspicious event. The room was decorated with beautiful flowers. Food was abundant and delicious. Children made offering and presented their handmade gifts to our nine Dharma teachers. EDG members also presented Dana to show our gratitude. EDG class leaders and old members shared their loving memories. Supicha and Jeff recounted how they met and got married through EDG. The entertainment was superb; there were chanting, guitar, singing, violin, Puppet show and Jazz dance. We concluded our ceremony with group pictures, cake and gift drawing. This was a fine moment in history of English Dharma Group for all to remember and cherish.