Bodhi Choir

Bodhi Choir was founded in 1990 and was given its name by Rev. Hung I the following year to show that the main purpose of the Choir is to inspire the Bodhi-heart in the audience. Its activities include Buddhist song presentation at major ceremonies in Jade Buddha Temple, supporting the activities of other groups in Texas Buddhist Association, and participation in cultural activities in the Chinese community.

Members of Bodhi Choir include both Buddhists as well as non-Buddhists. They went on stage for the first time on June 1, 1990 to celebrate the completion of the construction of Jade Buddha Temple. Exactly a year later on June 1, 1991, Bodhi Choir presented its first concert in Hammond Hall of Rice University. Three years later, the Choir gave its second concert in the Grand Hall of Jade Buddha Temple. From then on, Bodhi Choir started to present a concert every year or every two years for members of Texas Buddhist Association as well as for people in the local community up to this day 1999 was the 20th anniversary of Texas Buddhist Association. On April 3, 1999 Bodhi Choir presented a special concert at Cullen Hall of University of Houston to celebrate this occasion by inviting two Buddhist choirs from Taiwan: Ran Deng Chorus and Guan Zi Zai Chorus to participate in this joyous event. On May 9, 2009 Bodhi Choir again gave a special concert in the Grand Hall of Jade Buddha Temple to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Texas Buddhist Association and the completion of the first phase of the construction work of American Bodhi Center. In this event, Bodhi Choir invited Lavaca Bodhi Choir, Yellow River Chorus, Dulcet Chorus and musicians in the local Chinese community to participate.

Bodhi Choir sincerely invites you to join us if you are interested in choir singing. We are a great family, full of love and compassion. Members in this family get along with each other extremely well and help each other in all aspects of life. Under our loving and devoted conductor, we make progress in singing together. We hope that by way of our songs, we may introduce and enhance Buddha’s doctrine to the audience so that each individual may become a better person and the community may become more peaceful and harmonious.

The current conductor of Bodhi Choir is Ms. Yen-Wen Chan. She is a devoted Buddhist and an experienced choir conductor of many years. She is loved and admired dearly by all the choir members.